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Assorted Flavors: * Flavors can be swirled
Red Velvet Marble Oreo Choclate Chip
Spice Strawberry * Raspberry * Lime *
Lemon * Root Beer White Choclate
Specialty Flavors:
Carrot Banana Tre Leches Pumpkin
Red Velvet (Vegan) White (Vegan) Choclate (Vegan)
White (Gluten Free) Choclate (Gluten Free)
Whip Cream Bavarian Cream Lemon Cream Strawberry pr
Raspberry pr Lemon Kist Choclate Carmel
Lemon Mousse Confetti Choclate Chip Oreo
Fudge Tropic Fruit Fresh Fruit White/Choclate Ganache
Cream Cheese
Basic Cupcake $1.50/Per Assorted Flavors $2.00/Per
Specialty Flavors $2.50/Per Jumbo Cupcake $5.00/Per
Basic Mini Cupcake .75 Cents/Per Pull-Apart Cupcake $2.00/Per
The Big Cupcake $25.00 (Feeds 8-10)    
Sheet Cakes # of Servings Price
1/4 24 - 30 $50.00
1/2 55 - 60 $75.00
Full 96 - 100 $125.00