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Our business is a family owned, small business passionate about sweets. We strive to make the very best goodies around with only the most fresh and delicious ingredients. It is our belief that sweets can change the luck of any one person! Once you sink your teeth into our incredibly moist cakes and goodies you can’t help but smile. And if you are lucky enough you may just have your sweets delivered by “The Woman with the Green Hat”

The Lucky Treat Founders!

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Denise Scianni


“The Woman with the Green Hat” of Lucky Treats! Out to share her love of all things sweet and delicious, Denise spreads smiles everywhere with both her creations and funny personality. She loves sweets and so does everyone she meets!

Bill Scianni

Co-Founder, Mastermind

Husband of Denise and co-founder of Lucky Treats! Mostly behind the scenes, Bill helps come up with new and zany ideas for Lucky Treats! He’s the mastermind behind some of your favorite treats! A star in his own right, Bill and his incredible ideas have got Lucky Treats to where it is today. When will he come up with your next favorite treat?


Michelle Scianni

Co-Founder, Baker

Daughter of Denise and co-founder of Lucky Treats! She is the artistic force behind Lucky Treats. Her skill in cake design is outstanding and her attention to detail is unmatched. While Denise caters to the taste buds, Michelle caters to the eye. Often do people want to take pictures before slicing into the designs Michelle comes up with and even still people find it difficult cutting into such masterpieces.